The Cross Group: A Brief History

19th century commercial refrigeration

The origins of the Cross Group date back to the mid 19th century when two members of the Cross family in Cork started a carriage hire and stables business in Cork city.

In the 1920’s, Cross’s Garage Ltd extended their business to the sale of ice boxes and mechanical domestic refrigerators. Our early sales ledgers show that the first commercial coldroom was sold in early 1930 to the Royal Oyster Tavern, Market lane, Cork- a very famous and popular Cork bar & restaurant.
Cross quickly realised the potential of commercial refrigeration and soon re-trained some of their motor mechanics on refrigeration discipline

In 1966 Cross’ were appointed the Frigidare distributors for Ireland and at this time decided to separate the refrigeration division from the garage and formed a separate company- Cross Refrigeration Ltd. In 1968 the business was purchased from the Cross family and moved fully into commercial refrigeration.

The Cross Group Today

commercial refrigeration today

The Cross Group of companies is now a young, diversified, dynamic group of companies with interests in a number of sectors. The core of the business is still founded in commercial and industrial refrigeration and air conditioning. However, the Cross Group has made its presence successfully felt a number of other related sectors and today the expanded group collectively brings in an annual turnover in excess of €80 million.

Today Cross Refrigeration is the widely recognised leader in the supply and installation of industrial and commercial refrigeration in Ireland. Cross Air-Conditioning also hold a similar position in their market and have expanded to the UK in recent years with many high profile installations. In the area of fruit ripening, storage and distribution Cross Ripening is recognised as a world leader, with installations spanning four continents! Cross Hire has developed to offer the highest quality brands for hire across a broad range, with unparalleled customer service. Most excitingly, Cross Energy is a new, dynamic division which has already dramatically reduced the energy bills of many retailers and businesses throughout Ireland and the UK. This has encompassed a broad range of energy products from the highly regarded Cross Total Energy Management System to high quality installations of Solar PV and Wind turbines.

With a strong focus on greener technologies .The Cross Group is now committed to delivering solutions that are eco friendly, energy efficient and still value for money. All Cross clients can look forward to a greener future, reduced carbon emissions, reduced energy expenses and improved profitability.

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